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New Releases

ISBN: 978-960-6836-01-5
1. Does the donkey fly?
2. The birth of commercials
3. The feast of steam and electricity
4. The wonderful world of advertisement
5. Advertisements never go to sleep
6. The other side of the coin: how do you make an advertisement
7. Half true
8. Before and after
9. Behind the shopping window: the impact on human relationships
10. Are there any good advertisements?
11. What can we do?

ISBN: 978-960-6836-00-8
1. Entertain yourselves!
2. Exclusively in our channel
3. Ancient news
4. The job of the journalists
5. Behind the glass window: controlling the global village?
6. Reality or fantasy?
7. Behind the glass window: commercials
8. Behind the glass window: Does TV seriously damage the environment?
9. Behind the glass window: Does TV seriously damage human relationships?
10. We the tv-viewers
11. Is there any good? TV?
12. Now? What can we do?
13. Our life without sooo much TV

ISBN: 978-960-6836-02-2
1.One thousand and one temptations
2.Properly placed on the selves
3.Good old times
4.Money, a useful and dangerous invention
6.Behind the front the production and the pollution
7.The role of advertisement
8.Ilove you so much as salt
9.What is more precious
10.I can choose
11.Some green steps before
12.Some green steps while shopping
13.Some green steps after